Samstag, September 16, 2006

Foodblogger's Welcome Dinner

Thanks for tagging me, Claudia!

Angelika from the flying apple had a great idea: an imaginary dinner with friends from the foodblog universe - what would you offer?
Often I dream of nice dinners with my friends, sitting on a lovely decorated table, eating and drinking, laughing and talking the whole night long. In my dreams, the wooden, long table is situated in the garden - or at least with view through the balcony door.

Well, facing the facts: I haven't got a garden, nor a balcony, but only a 20 qm student apartment. I love cooking for my friends, but I think I've never invited them for having a real menu. So this is the first time I choose the food for the whole evening. Wow.

I thought, I dreamt and thought again. And decided to choose things, I really could do here. Here in my room, with 2 cooking plates and about 20 cm workspace. Without the table - because there my guests would sit. So it was important, that I could do most of the work before my friends' arrival. Another point to pay attention to: My fridge isn't thaat big. More than 2 bowls could become difficult.

So here we go:

* Framboise, framboise - first a glass of champagne with fresh raspberry-puree (ok, I haven't got glasses for the champagne. But I would buy some for this occasion)
*Green and red salad with pears and caramelized pecans
* Filet of porc with fine ribbon noodles with a chanterelle-white wine-cream
* Mango creme brulée
* Espresso or cappuccino with self-made chocolate cantuccini

As wine I would choose a wonderful fruity white wine I've forgotten the name.. (I think it was from van volxem), I would have to scrounge some bottles from my father.. ;-)

Music would be decent Katie Melua (no, you wouldn't have to listen to gothic music ;-) ).. ahh, I hope I'll have such an evening in the near future :).

So.. what would you offer your friends,
Ralph from Hungrig in San Francisco and
Petra from Foodfreak?

4 Kommentare:

  1. Hallo Kathi, welch' schönes Menü! Champagner mit Himbeermark mmmhhh...ich hätte übrigens auch keine Champagnergläser ;-)
    Auf die Mango Créme brulée wäre ich schon sehr gespannt.
    Danke, dass Du mitgemacht hast und gleich so schnell warst!

  2. Mmmh, das klingt köstlich! Wann kann ich vorbeikommen? ;-)

  3. Oh Kathi, I am so excited that you have been tagged by Claudia AND that you have been so quick. You are the second who has sent me the menu, after Claudia only ! The menu will be on my list on Tuesday since until then I will concentrate on spoiling my guests. Thank you and needless to say HOW I love your menu. By the way, what I especially love about your choices - apart from the dishes - is that you also told about the MUSIC ! How could I forget about that (Tanna right now adds that I did not forget here...)----- Thank you for the inspiration and I will COME for sure ;-) angelika

  4. @Dolce: Naja, der Champagner wäre wahrscheinlich Sekt - aber Sektgläser hab ich auch nicht ;-). Und für die Mango Creme brûlée gibts tatsächlich ein Rezept - wen wunderts - hier:

    Hat mir wirklich viel Spaß gemacht, über das Menu nachzudenken und es zusammenzustellen :).


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